Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Fluid Roofing is environmentally friendly. It saves energy with heat reflective and cooling properties.

Flat roofs aren’t really flat. Even though it’s hardly noticeable, all properly-engineered “flat” roofs have a slight slope so water to run into the drains. If your commercial roof has an inadequate slope, rain and snow melt won’t drain away properly and instead collect on the roof field. If the issue isn’t noticed and addressed, this ponding water can erode the roof covering, seep into damaged areas or seam separations and gradually ruin the insulation and decking. Silicone roof coating systems handle ponding water and will not degrade.

Yes. All it takes is one clogged drain to create this “pool effect,” causing additional damage, premature aging and deterioration of your roofing materials.

We will make sure your drains are functioning properly. One cubic foot of water weighs 63 pounds, so a few inches of standing water in a 10′ x 10′ roof area adds a few thousand pounds of weight to your roof.

Because Roof Coatings are considered a maintenance item, the cost can be a full write-off in one year, saving thousands in taxes.

We have been in business for 30 plus years and are the original Silicone roofing system applicators in the greater northwest.

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