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Meet Kraig Barnes, President of Fluid Roofing

Kraig Barnes


While going to school to become a Microbiologist, Kraig Barnes, a native of the northwest, worked during the summers in Spokane as a house painter. In 1990 the gentlemen that he worked for retired and offered him two trucks, a few ladders and a 20 year old airless pump for $10,000.00. Circumstances in his life forced him to “temporarily” quit college in his 4th year. The plan was to make some money painting and then go back to school to finish his degree. He never went back or looked back. He soon found that he had a head for business and loved the work that he was doing. He loved working with people and loved doing quality work.

Times were hard at the beginning and so being adaptable to doing others things like drywall, tile and minor roofing were a necessity. He soon realized that there were many facets to the painting business that went outside of doing historic renovations and residential homes. At one point Paint Crafters, and in many circles still is, the go to contractor for historic renovation projects. Patsy Clarks mansion, and the Campbell House to name a few. Expanding the Business into commercial projects in 2003 became the next step. In 2008 construction hit hard times. Paint crafters, luckily was not leveraged and had a great following of clients that took them through the hard times. The need to stay multi faceted in the painting industry was more prudent now than ever. In 2009 Paint Crafters looked into doing roof coatings. Although similar in process to painting in some ways, it is completely different in others. Through slow growth and refining their processes they are known as the #1 fluid applied coating system installers in the northwest. In 2015 the fluid applied roofing systems were becoming a much larger part of the Paint Crafters arsenal. It was then that it was decided to break out the roofing division out of the equation. Fluid Roofing was born.

28 years later Kraig is involved deeply in both companies. His management and field staff he touts, is the best there is. He believes that the fluid roofing systems will lead the way for the future of both companies. Kraig has always believed in fair and honest business practices. He puts a premium on doing the jobs correctly, with the highest quality craftsman and materials available. Teamwork, precision, craftsmanship and integrity are the words that are the fuel for Paint Crafters and Fluid Roofing. His motto is, “Do a job once, with the highest level of craftsmanship and service, and you will rarely have to advertise”.

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Meet Luke Yoder, Lead Project Manager at Fluid Roofing

Luke Yoder

Lead Project Manager

A life long Spokane resident, Luke Yoder graduated from St. George’s School and attended Whitworth and Eastern Washington University.

Luke spent a number of years working in the hospitality industry. His first experience in construction came 25 years ago when he helped his father build their family home in north Spokane. His work in the roofing industry began 13 years ago with a local commercial roofing contractor in 2005. He and a partner then purchased the company, and offered both residential and commercial roofing. In 2016, Luke joined Fluid Roofing as the lead estimator and project manager. In that position, he makes sales, prepares bids and contracts, and oversees the installation of the various roof systems and services they offer.

Luke is the father of a 6 year old daughter, and in his spare time enjoys paddle boarding and golf.

Becky McKinley

Administrative Assitant

Originally from California, Becky decided to move to the inland northwest to be closer to her family.  Becky has two sons, a daugher-in-law and one grandson.  Becky enjoys spending time with her family, dancing, fishing, and going to the ocean.  Becky has been a part of the Fluid family since February of 2021.  She has worked hard in her positon and is a vital part of Fluid Roofing’s success. 

Meet Brooke Schmoe, Estimating and Contract Administrator at Fluid Roofing

Brooke Schmoe

Estimating and Contract Administrator

Brooke Schmoe has been with Paint Crafters and Fluid Roofing for six years. She started off as an office assistant, filing and organizing right after she got home from her year and a half church mission to Maceio, Brazil. She quickly established herself into the commercial estimating division when the need presented itself, and has been a major asset to the division ever since. Brooke not only supports the estimating process but also manages all incoming and out-going contracts. When she is not at work she enjoys an active lifestyle: volunteering for Mt Spokane Ski Patrol, biking, quilting, and participating in her local church activities. Brooke has been married for 6 years and has two boys.

Meet Diana Hiett, Office Manager at Fluid Roofing

Diana Hiett

Office Manager

Diana Hiett was born in Augsburg, Germany. She grew up and began a family there. Diana was a confectioner in Germany. She made the decision to bring her family to the states in the 1988.

Diana recalled being in Tacoma, WA when the Berlin wall came down. She says that was a moment in her life that she will never forget and is often reminded of the Scorpion’s song, “Wind of Change,” when recalling that time.

Diana likes to spend her free time with her husband, Kevin, her grandchildren and two dogs, Bella and Wolfgang. 

Diana has been with Paint Crafters and Fluid Roofing since 2014 and is a vital component to our amazing team of professionals.

Meet Carlos Rodas, Project Coordinator at Fluid Roofing

Carlos Rodas

Project Coordinator

Carlos has been with Fluid Roofing since 2016. He is a valued employee who never steps down from a challenge. He manages projects, coordinates orders, and works directly with the customer to ensure their satisfaction and to ensure the project goes properly from start to finish. He is a fun guy who is always joking and having a good time while working. His attention to detail and willingness to work are appreciated by all of us at Fluid, and we are excited to have him grow with us.


Meet Kevin Smith, Foreman of Fluid Roofing

Kevin Smith


Kevin has been a part of PaintCrafters and Fluid Roofing since 2016. He has extensive commercial painting experience, auto body experience, and now as a roofer he is doing an amazing job as a lead for Fluid. His mellow attitude, strong work ethic, and patience are great traits when teaching some of the younger guys how we do things here. Kevin’s knowledge allows us to place him not only on roofs, but on commercial painting projects as well. Kevin is and has been a great employee company wide.

Meet Dan Weaver, Foreman at Fluid Roofing

Dan Weaver


Dan has been apart of the Fluid Roofing team since 2018.  He started doing residential roofs years ago and has since transitioned into commercial work. Dan has such a great attitude and is always making us laugh, we hope to see him around for years to come. His attention to detail, and willingness to tackle any challenge is a great asset, and is noticed not only by our staff, but is commented on by our customers often.

The fluid roofing team happy after a longs days work